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SecureOne is specialized in development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of UVIScan® ( Under Vehicle Inspection Systems.

Worldwide used for Police, military and security checkpoints, at the entrance of all kinds of high security locations, such as Governmental HQ’s, Presidential Residences, Military HQ and Camps, Nuclear, Oil and Gas Facilities, (Air)Ports, Embassies and other high security locations

UVIScan® is now available with:

  • Driver Face Capture (DFC), look thru tinted glass, even with sun glare;
  • Driver Face Recognition;
  • Integrated or Stand Alone License Plate Recognition, to be integrated with black lists;
  • License Plate Recognition Smart Analysis Tools;
  • Magnet Detection System (MDS); For identifying objects which are attached under the vehicle with Magnets, also in hard to see area’s;

The EU Council, The Houses of Parliament, The new NATO HQ, The Kremlin…. They all have one thing in common – They are all secured with UVIScan®! Check out what we can do for you on