Officers from 31st CBRN Defense Regiment of the Czech Army have confirmed their attendance to the CBRNe training sessions, as observers, at the 7th edition of NCT Europe taking place from the 3th to the 5th of July at the National Training Center in Vught, the Netherlands

The trainings will be a new feature of the NCT event series. Teams from all over Europe (and abroad) are invited to come to the National Training Center (NTC) for daily training on different CBRNe scenarios. Each team will be matched to another team from a different country: Dutch Firemen with German military, French police with Austrian ambulance teams, etc. CBRNe events increasingly require an international response, which is why training should be multinational and multidisciplinary. That is what NCT CBRNe Training at the NTC is all about: providing multidisciplinary training in an international environment. Although the training sessions are not open for the audience (it’s training, not demonstrations), we will provide video uplinks to show (parts) of the training on a screen in the exhibition area.