Police, fire brigades, Municipal Health Services (GGD), Regional Medical Emergency Preparedness and Planning Offices (GHOR), Safety Regions and the Ministry of Defense in the Netherlands have announced that they will collaborate even more closely in the future. Together, they will train more extensively on countering Chemical, Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) incidents. They have also agreed that they will share the responsibility for managing the National Training Center (NTC) CBRN in Vught.

The National CBRN Training Center, part of the CBRN Center of the Netherlands Ministry of Defense, hosts multidisciplinary trainings in which civil and military responders partake. The aim of these trainings is to be well prepared for CBRN incidents, disasters and attacks in the Netherlands.

Open on Weekends
For most of the year, the National CBRN Training Center can accommodate up to 75 people to train simultaneously The Center is even open on Saturdays and in the evenings, which is especially important for fire brigades, since they mostly consist of volunteers.

The Center has its own (educational) resources such as police, firefighting and ambulance vehicles, but also entire sets of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), flora and fauna simulation and human patient simulators. The Center has the capacity to, for instance, simulate the presence of drug laboratories. On top of that, the leadership of the Training Center has various means to simulate scenarios including weapons and explosives.

(translation from the original news message by Frances van Alphen)

NCT Europe at National Training Center
The 8th edition of Europe’s highly successful NCT event series, the NCT Europe 2018, will take place from 3-5 July at the National Training Center (NTC) at the Bredero barrack in Vught, The Netherlands. After the NCT Europe events in Amsterdam and Sonthofen, Germany, which welcomed over 250 participants, IB Consultancy looks forward to return to the South of the Netherlands! The three-day event will feature multinational CBRN/C-IED/EOD exercises, conference, workshops, a large indoor and outdoor industry exhibition and the famous NCT Party. We look forward to welcoming the international CBRNe community to the Netherlands in 2018! More information can be found at www.nct-europe.com.