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Joint Opening Plenary: Developing a stronger Multinational Operational Framework for CBRNe

Sonthofen June 28, 2017 8:30 am - 10:00 am

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Col. Henry Neumann, Commander, Bundeswehr CBRN Defense Command, Germany
Lt. Gen. Richard Rossmanith, Commander of the Multinational Forces Operations Command, Multinational Joint Headquarters in Ulm, Germany
Col. Wolfgang Karl-Heinz Reich, Head of the Capability Development Division, Bundeswehr CBRN Defense Command, Germany
Guy Roberts, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for WMD Policy, NATO
Lt. Col. Stephan Jacobsen, Military Advisor, NATO’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Non-Proliferation Center, Belgium
Ilja M. Bonsen, Managing Director, IB Consultancy, The Netherlands
Col. (GS) Hans-Christian Hettfleisch, Branch Head CBRN Defence, Ministry of Defence, Germany