Prior to the conference and industry exhibition, NCT CBRNe Europe 2016 will start on February 23 with a live binational CBRNe and counterterrorism exercise at the Dutch National Training Center (NTC) in Vught. After the confirmation of both the Dutch and the German CBRN Defense Commands to participate in the demo, also the Royal Dutch Armed Forces EOD Command confirmed to join in the training.

The live exercise will showcase CBRNe, EOD and counterterrorism response capabilities of the Dutch and German Armed Forces. The exercise will thereby be based on a counterterrorism scenario in an urban environment including terrorist usage of IEDs and CBRN agents. Participating forces will showcase equipment and different approaches to deal with hostage situations, explosive threats and CBRNe response.

The NTC is The Netherlands multidisciplinary CBRN training center located in Vught in the south of the country. For registered delegates, bus transportation will be provided from Amsterdam to Vught.

Register here as a delegate, and find the specific time schedule of the live exercise here.