NCT PRO Trainings

NCT will be hosting its seventh edition of the multi-agency, international NCT PRO Training, taking place on September 23rd and 24th in parallel to the NCT CBRNe Europe 2020 conference and exhibition. The Trainings will be held at the NUBICH Training Center of the Italian Armed Forces. Military and civil first responder teams from different countries will be trained to operate in mock CBRNe, C-IED, and EOD scenarios together with a different team. This will be preceded with training on the latest technologies provided by the industry sponsors, allowing teams to be introduced to the latest equipment prior to using them in the scenarios for the most efficient, rapid and coordinated training. Each team will be matched to another team from a different country. CBRNe events increasingly require an international and multi-agency response, which is why training should be multinational and multidisciplinary. That is what NCT PRO Training at NCT Europe is all about.

Over the duration of two days, teams of professionals will be trained based on their expertise & requirements using equipment provided by leading CBRNe, C-IED, and EOD companies from all over the world. Please be advised that the training sessions will only be open for participating teams and Sponsors.

If you are interested in the chance to take part in the trainings or become a training sponsor, contact us for availability at

Request for Visit (RfV) – Military Personnel Only:
In preparation for your participation, it is the responsibility of each participant to conduct visit clearance procedures through a Request for Visit (RfV) to Italy through your respective Attaché or EmbassyPlease note that the RfV is only relevant for military personnel.

Training Sessions:

    Depending on the NCT Pro event, a one-hour technology training session to teach participants on the use of the latest equipment will take place before each scenario. Alternatively, a technology training session will take place a day prior to the 2 day-long scenario trainings, allowing teams to practice using your equipment prior to using them in the scenario for the most efficient, rapid and coordinated training
    A two-hour training session developed by the HZS and MAC 7 trainers for the teams. Each session will include briefings at both the start and end of each session. Each training scenario will be tailored to the training needs of the participants as well as the sponsored equipment (responders and/or military). Sponsors will have a chance to provide input on a scenario to best meet their products’ capabilities. We encourage sponsors to actively engage with the end-users before and after the trainings to gain as much feedback as possible.

Past Participating Teams Include:


MAC7 Training Services
Hotzone Solutions Group