IB Consultancy is honored to announce that NCT Europe 2017 will start with a multinational CBRN/C-IED/EOD exercise on Tuesday June 27th at the training area in Bodelsberg, situated only 30 kilometers away from the conference venue.

A live multinational CBRN-EOD exercise by the German, Austrian, Dutch and Swiss Armed Forces will take place at the training area in Bodelsberg and will focus on decontamination and reconnaissance. As it is prohibited to enter the terrain with your own vehicle, we have arranged bus transportation from the conference to the demonstration venue, which is the only allowed transportation in order to participate in the live exercise. Registration for the demonstration is mandatory and must be completed before 13 June via our registration page. ACCESS REQUIREMENT: bring your ID or passport.


What to expect? You will find a video impression of the live demonstration of NCT Europe 2016 at the CBRN National Training Center in Vught, the Netherlands on vimeo.