The NCT Europe “Opening Plenary: Developing a stronger Multinational Operational Framework for CBRNe” will be broadcasted live on Facebook at 8:30 am CET on Wednesday 28 June!

Keynote speeches of the following distinguished speakers can be followed via the live stream:

  • 8:30: Welcome remarks by IB Consultancy and NCT Europe Chairmen – Drs. Ilja Bonsen, Managing Director, IB Consultancy, Mr. Guy Roberts, Former Dep. Ass. Sec. Gen. for WMD Policy, NATO, and Col. Wolfgang Karl-Heinz Reich, Head of Capability Development Division, Bundeswehr CBRN Defence Command, Germany
  • 8:40: Opening address by Lt. Gen Richard Rossmanith, Commander of the Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm, Germany
  • 9:00: Keynote speech by Lt. Col. Stephan Jacobsen, Desk Officer, WMDC NATO HQ
  • 9:20: Keynote speech by Col. (GS) Hans-Christian Hettfleisch, Branch Head CBRN Defence, Ministry of Defense, Germany
  • 9:40: Keynote speech by Col. Henry Neumann, Commander Bundeswehr CBRN Defence Command, Germany