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CBRN Systems and Technology

Since more than 50 years OWR is an international specialist based in Germany for CBRN-protection and a leading company in development and production of units for military and civil applications.

From small portable equipment to turn-key system integration for complex missions OWR covers the full range of decontamination, protection, medical CBRN-protection, hazmat response vehicles, mobile laboratory solutions, water treatment, mobile shelter and containerized solutions.

OWR has focussed on humans: casualty decontamination, treatment and transport, skin decontamination, highly mobile medical infrastructure, disinfection in hospitals and vehicles, protection of operators in infectious environment, solutions for high visibility events and more.

OWR develops CBRN-protection and especially decontamination solutions for its customers, offering a complete service from product development, COTS, training to after sales service. OWR has recently supplied the Personal and Casualty Decontamination System, the Light SOF Air-Mobile Medical Unit and the Rapid Response Bio-Diagnostic Laboratory to the German Armed Forces Bundeswehr.



Oritest Group

Design of complete CBRN solutions, cooperating with best players world-wide.

Based on the two decades experience of Oritest’s reliable Product Range of Detection Tubes and Papers, Oritest Group, is now extending its activities as a Developer, Integrator and Manufacturer to provide innovative and complete CBRN Solutions with a strong focus on supplying the whole range of CBRN Detection and Protection Equipment.

Our Team has more than 25 years’ experience in dealing with CBRN and Environmental Protection Aspects, both in the Military and Civil Area.

We hold more than 80 Patents, exporting our products in more than 40 Countries worldwide

Furthermore we strongly focus to provide the Users with complete CBRN Integration Solutions; like completely equipped Mobile Labs, CBRN Reconnaissance Systems as well as Toxic Waste Recycling Management Treatment and we offer our Customers complete Evaluation, Testing and Training Programs at accredited Competence Centres using our extremely experienced, highly skilled Experts, Specialists and Scientists.