We are proud to announce the identified themes of the NCT Europe 2017 conference sessions, taking place from 27-29 June 2017 in Sonthofen, Germany. NCT Europe 2017 will host two separate conferences, NCT CBRNe Europe and NCT eXplosive Europe, with a shared exhibition area and joint plenary sessions. The joint opening plenary session will focus on “Developing a European Multinational Operational Framework for Countering CBRNe Threats,” the joint closing plenary on “The Threat of CBRNe Terrorism in Europe.” The conference sessions themes of parallel NCT CBRNe Europe and NCT eXplosive Europe conferences are outlined below:

NCT CBRNe Europe 2017 Conference Sessions:

  1. Effective response to CBRN related incidents and attacks;

  2. Requirements in CBRN Detection, Reconnaissance and Analysis;

  3. Civil and Military Cooperation in Cases of CBRN Emergency Response;

  4. Current Trends in Biological Defense and Security;

  5. Civil Protection in Densely Populated Areas and High Visibility Events;

  6. Chemical and Radiological Detection: New Approaches and Technologies.

NCT eXplosive Europe 2017 Conference Sessions:

  1. Military Operations in an EOD/IED Environment;

  2. Case Studies – ISIS and The Growing Threat of Explosive Terrorist Attacks;

  3. Unmanned Solutions in EOD Operations;

  4. C-IEDs: Protecting Critical Infrastructures and Mass Gathering Events;

  5. Post Conflict ERW and Mine Disposal in Europe;

  6. International Cooperation in Countering IED.